Monthly and Annual Reports

The Fire Department is constantly seeking opportunities for improvement.  One way to evaluate ourselves is by developing monthly and annual reports.  These reports are used to analyze areas of success and improvement.  Many items are out of our control, such as call-taker times.  Those areas are improved through continued public education and prevention efforts.  Our benchmarks are established through department expectations, industry standards, and best practices.  

Guiding Documents

In 2022 the department set out to update all guiding documents.  This entire process was tedious and involved many internal and external stakeholders to complete the process.  Guiding documents are currently in draft format but provide information and transparency about the department and future direction.  These documents will be brought before City Council at a future date for acceptance.  Acceptance does not obligate spending but does help to provide direction from the Council.  It is important to recognize that the Master Spending Plan is not feasible with our current and projected budgets.  However, it does provide direction for where the department should be heading.  

Archived guiding documents are also available for review.  

White Papers

The Fire Chief developed 2 White Papers in support of continuous improvement in fire and life safety protections for the City.  The papers were developed to provide general information about our department in relation to surrounding jurisdictions, industry standards, and best practices.  White Papers were used to justify and explain the need to provide services to the community, such as 24-hour shift Battalion Chief Coverage for the department.