Commercial Recycling

State law now requires the following businesses to arrange for recycling services:

  • Any business that generates 4 cubic yards or more of waste per week
  • Multi-family communities with five or more units.

How to Arrange for Recycling Services:

  • Incorporating recycling into your refuse service can actually save you money!
  • Contact the Refuse Department at 559-585-2550 to schedule a meeting with the Recycling Coordinator. They will help you select the proper service for your specific needs.
  • Most waste and recyclable materials collected in Kings County are processed at the Kings Waste and Recycling Authority (KWRA) on 7803 Hanford Armona Road in Hanford.
  • Businesses may also donate, sell and/or make other arrangements for pick up and recycling of the materials. This includes hauling the materials yourself to recycling facilities of your choice.
  • Your business or apartment may already be in compliance with the new State law. Contact KWRA at 559-583-8829 for additional information.

State Recycling Requirements for Businesses And Multi-Family Apartments 

Commercial Recycling Information