Virtual Visit with Santa

"Virtual Visit with Santa" scheduling will be available Monday, November 30, 2020. 

As miserable as it is to go stand in line at a mall and wait for hours so that your child can sit in Santa's lap, we know that the moment you actually get to the front of that line (and the picture that comes along with it) is a very special memory for many families.  A lot of people do this annually and use those photographs to document their child's growth over the years. 

In 2020 our lives changed because of the COVID-19 epidemic and we knew getting that picture would not be possible for many families during the time of "social distancing". So we decided to try and keep that Christmas magic alive by bringing Santa Claus safely into your home.

The process is simple...

          Schedule a 5-minute time slot that works best for you and tell Santa about your child.
          The day prior to your virtual visit, you will receive an e-mail with instructions for your
          virtual visit with Santa.
          Have your child ready at the chosen time and log-in to the link provided for the Zoom
          meeting where you will meet Santa.