The fear surrounding the current COVID-19 virus has sparked much hysteria around the country. Your Fire Department does not close. We will still respond to all emergency calls. Following state direction we will be taking extra precautions to limit and prevent exposures. Please follow the recommendations from our Health Department and do not panic.

Please follow the recommendations from our Public Health experts and do not panic.

Welcome to the Hanford Fire Department. Representing more than a century of traditional family and community values, your department upholds the strengths of our predecessors while advancing tactics and training to address the rapidly evolving world of emergency mitigation and public service.

As stated in our Mission Statement, the men and women of Hanford Fire Department are dedicated to “To protect residents and visitors of Hanford from conditions that would pose a threat to life, environment, and property by utilizing aggressive prevention techniques and, when needed, respond to all emergencies in a safe, swift, and efficient manner."


The Department 

The Hanford Fire Department consists of three stations staffed with paid professional firefighters. 

Call Volume

The total call volume for 2018 was 6,378. This includes medical, fire, mutual aids and other emergency responses.

If you have an emergency Dial 911. For general inquiries about the Hanford Fire Department, call (559) 585-2545.