Finance Director
Paula Lofgren
(559) 585-2506

Paula Lofgren is the Finance Director and Treasurer for the City of Hanford. Paula is a native of Illinois – near the Chicago area - where she lived and worked until moving to California in 2013. She graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and a Master of Public Administration Degree in Fiscal Administration along with Doctorial work in Administrative Finance and Law. Paula has over 28 years experience working in Finance, Business Development, Human Resources, Operations Management, and Public Sector Law. Prior to coming to Hanford, she was the Director of Bond Revenue Finance and Operations at Northern Illinois University and the Director of Business and Finance at University of California, Berkeley for a total of 20 years combined. 

The finance department is comprised of two divisions - accounting and utility billing. The accounting division provides financial services to all city departments, including cash management, preparation of financial reports, budget preparation and control, revenue and expenditure control, accounts receivable, payroll, purchasing, liability and property insurance, business licenses, general accounting, and financial advice. The utility billing division provides customer billing services for water, refuse, and sewer.