Cannabis Information

The application period for the one (1) available Cannabis Dispensary Permit has been opened.

Application Period Opening:  Monday, April 11, 2022

Application Period Closing: Friday, June 17, 2022

No applications for that permit will be considered after this date and time.

Please see the cannabis Application process and related links for information on submitting an application below.

All application materials detailed below must be turned into the Community Development Department to begin the process.  The City will only be accepting applications for available permits that have been approved by the City Council.  Currently the City has the following allowed licenses.

  • Cultivation - Unlimited
  • Manufacturing - Unlimited
  • Lab Testing - Unlimited
  • Distribution - Unlimited
  • Micro-business - Unlimited
  • Dispensary Storefront - 3 (2 currently filled, 1 available)
  • Dispensary (non-storefront) - 2 (Both currently filled, additional not allowed at this time)

All applicants, regardless of the permit type,  for the available permits, must adhere to the same prescribed application process.  

Cannabis Contact Person(s):
Natalie Corral, City Clerk

Application Materials

Cannabis Application Process

Cannabis Background Application

Cannabis Permit Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Hanford Indemnification of City Liability

Zoning Verification Letter Application

Zoning Ordinance 17.69

Conditional Use Permit

Ordinance 19-06

Conditional Use Permit