What is a site plan review?

A site plan review is a process that enables the community development department to determine whether a proposed development is in conformity with the intent and provisions of this chapter and to guide the building official in the issuance of building permits. More specifically, site plan review is necessary to ensure that all improvements, including without limitation structures, parking areas, walks, refuse containers, landscaping and street improvements are properly located or adjacent to their sites and to surrounding sites and structures; to prevent excessive grading of the land and the creation of drainage hazards; to prevent the indiscriminate clearing of property and the destruction of trees and shrubs of ornamental value; to avoid unsightly, inharmonious, monotonous and hazardous site development; and to encourage originality in site design and development in a manner which will enhance the physical appearance and attractiveness of the community. The site plan review process is intended to provide for the expeditious review of environmental impact assessments required by official policy of the city and the state.

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