Water Information

Water Quality

In order to ensure good clean water in all areas of the system, water division personnel will be flushing water lines at various times. Employees will request that young children not play in the water for safety reasons. If you have a problem or complaint regarding water quality, please call the Water Division. All water delivered meets the primary drinking water standards established by the California Department of Health Services and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. More on Water Quality can be obtained by reading the 2022 Consumer Confidence Report (PDF).

2021 Consumer Confidence Report (PDF).

About Your Water Service

Water Sources

The City of Hanford's water system is a groundwater system. No surface water is used by the water system. Water is pumped from 13 deep wells. Well depth ranges from 600 to 1700 feet. The well depth is determined by the water quality.

The City of Hanford, in cooperation with the Peoples Ditch Company and the Kings County Water District, delivers excess water flows from the Kings River, along with stormwater runoff, into the 125 acres of drainage and slough basins located throughout the city to help replenish the groundwater.

Water System

The city maintains 203 miles of main lines and 15,900 service connections.

The city has established an ongoing program to replace undersized and aging water mains with larger lines that have the capability to deliver more water and consistent pressure as demand increases.

Other improvements planned for the system include:

  • Equip older water wells with more efficient pumping equipment
  • Continue replacing undersized and aged water mains
  • Projects to improve and increase groundwater replenishment
  • Continue the water conservation program through education and cooperation
  • Continue the Cross Connection Control Program

Hanford Cross Connection Program

Many industrial and commercial customers have materials on site that could be harmful if they entered the community water system. Any interconnection which could result in backflow into the public water main is known as a cross connection.

The City maintains a comprehensive cross-connection control (backflow prevention) program. At each location where a backflow hazard exits, a sophisticated check valve assembly is installed to prevent harmful materials from flowing back into the water mains. Approximately 1,700 assemblies currently exist and are tested once each year to ensure maximum protection of our water system.