Explorer Competition

Welcome to Hanford Police Department's first Explorer Competition. This event will be held at Sierra Pacific High School located at 1259 North 13th Avenue Hanford, CA 93230. The event will take place on September 5th and 6th, 2020.

The Explorer Program and subsequent competitions are excellent platforms for young adults to prepare themselves for a future in Law Enforcement. As such, the Hanford Police Department is proud to host our first event.

This competition will consist of real life; practical scenarios which Police Officers may face on a daily basis. These events will include the following; Traffic Stop, Felony Stop, Domestic Violence, Crisis Negotiation, Active Shooter, Crime Scene Investigation, Suspicious Person, Burglary Investigation, Officer Down, a 4x4 Team Relay, both male and female obstacle courses, and a 5-member tug-of-war.

These events are designed to provide explorers an opportunity to showcase their knowledge of laws as well as law enforcement policy/procedures. In addition, each scenario will test the participants' strengths/weaknesses both physically and mentally.

Trophies/Medals will be awarded to teams which place 1st-3rd in each event as well as 1st-5th places for overall scores. In addition there will be raffle prizes available during the event.